Md J. Hossain

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Manager, Biostatistics Core

Research Scientist, Department of Biomedical Research, Nemours
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Applied Economics and Statistics, University of Delaware

Degrees and Credentials: 
I joined Nemours in 2007. As the manager of the Biostatistics Core and a research scientist of Nemours Biomedical Research, I participate in a wide variety of funded and non-funded research studies and provide statistical assistance to clinicians/researchers for designing clinical trials, pre-clinical, epidemiological and survey studies, power and sample size calculation, randomization, data management, data analysis, authoring statistical section in research protocols, manuscripts, abstracts and presentations. I have broad collaborations with clinicians on research related to pediatric obesity, asthma, allergy, endocrinology, diabetes and oncology. My collaborative work leads me to receive a COBRE pilot grant to investigate early childhood growth patterns using Nemours electronic medical records. The work of the pilot project laid the groundwork for further research in childhood obesity, its co-morbidities and their origins. My recent research interests focus on the use of advanced statistical methods in modeling early childhood growth patterns, tracking changes related to the onset of critical events and identifying factors influencing the onset, morbidity and mortality of disease conditions such as obesity, asthma, cancer and diabetes. My research activities also include the classification of individuals based on complex data of longitudinal changes. In my career as a statistician, I have many years of experience applying statistical methodology in clinical, epidemiological, pharmaceutical and financial settings. The scope of my work includes cross sectional, longitudinal, case-control and survey data analyses, application of linear and nonlinear regressions in both cross sectional and longitudinal settings, mixed effect models including random coefficients, multilevel analysis, survival analysis, time series analysis, cluster analysis, principal component analysis, factor analysis, propensity score, bootstrap, cross-validation, G-estimation and other parametric and nonparametric statistical techniques. I participated in clinical trials (phases I-IV) of efficacy, safety, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics in many therapeutic areas. As an adjunct faculty of statistics at the University of Delaware, I occasionally teach graduate and undergraduate statistics courses. I also contribute in teaching or one-on-one training of statistical and design skills to researchers, fellows, research associates, and junior biostatisticians at Nemours. My graduate course work covered a wide range of areas in statistics, biostatistics, population science (demography), mathematics, probability, computer sciences, and economics. I am actively involved in scientific, educational and research activities. My academic training and many years of work experience in statistics, biostatistics, epidemiology and biometry have prepared me to be an effective researcher and faculty member of Nemours Biomedical Research and its affiliated academic institutions.
Research Areas
Demography/Population Studies
Public Health/Population Health/Public Policy
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