A rare case of cystic ganglionosis in a child with associated imaging findings.

TitleA rare case of cystic ganglionosis in a child with associated imaging findings.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMeyer, N. P., Meyers A. B., Szabo S., & Vo N. J.
JournalSkeletal radiology
Date Published2016 Mar
KeywordsChild; Child, Preschool; Diagnosis, Differential; Female; Ganglion Cysts; Humans; Infant; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Rare Diseases; Ultrasonography; Whole Body Imaging

Ganglia are benign soft tissue masses that are found adjacent to joints and tendons. They can be multifocal but they are rarely more numerous than a few around any given joint. "Cystic ganglionosis" has been used to describe a condition in which multifocal and extensive ganglia are present. We present a rare case of cystic ganglionosis in a Caucasian girl with clinical symptoms detected at 6 months of age. To the authors' knowledge, only a single other case report of cystic ganglionosis is documented in the English medical literature. The ganglia in this case are more extensive, manifested at an earlier age and caused erosions of multiple bones, a rarely observed complication of ganglia. Additionally, radiograph, MR and sonographic images collected over 9 years time allows for a detailed description of the imaging characteristics of this case of cystic ganglionosis, and offers unique insight into the natural history of this diagnosis. Extensive ganglia in multiple locations in a young child should alert clinicians to the possibility of cystic ganglionosis. Disease progression may lead to deleterious effects on bone warranting the use of maintenance imaging and possibly surgical resection of symptomatic lesions.

Alternate JournalSkeletal Radiol.